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Its name is a French term (cat-cry or call of the cat) referring to the characteristic cat-like cry of affected children.A classic feature of the syndrome is the cat-like cry made by infants with this disorder.

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Cri du chat syndrome - also known as 5p- syndrome and cat cry syndrome - is a rare genetic condition that is caused by the deletion (a missing piece) of genetic material on the small arm (the p arm) of chromosome 5.Cri Du Chat Syndrome Essay, Research Paper Cri Du Chat Syndrome ( Cry of the Cat ) By Chase Kuntz The Cri du Chat syndrome is the consequence of the omission of.

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The cat cry syndrome is illustrated with reference to a baby girl with the typical chromosomal disorder (deletion of the short arm of chromosome No.5).

He is walking around growling, crying and hissing at nothing.

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Medical definition of cri du chat syndrome:. and the absence of part of a chromosome —called also cat cry syndrome. Test your vocabulary with our 10-question.The cat was crying. If a cat is shaken then we can see something similar to shaken baby syndrome. Popular questions.Geneticist Jerome Lejeune identified cri-du-chat syndrome in 1963 and is also known as 5P Minus.

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An older cat may cry at the top of the basement stairs because the litter box is down in the basement.

The 5P Minus syndrome, also called Cri du Chat syndrome (or CdCS), is a genetic disorder caused due to a lack of a portion of chromosome number 5.

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Babies with this syndrome often have a characteristic high-pitched cry that sounds like a cat.Read medical definition of Cat eye syndrome. with multiple malformations characterized by the combination of a cat-like slit of.

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Why do infants with Cri-du-chat syndrome have a cat-like cry.

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The characteristic high-pitched, shrill cry associated with cri du chat syndrome is present during the.

The syndrome is named for the cat-like cry made by infants with this genetic disorder.