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How we felt about learning about Benjamin Franklin was interesting.There was some fact we.Albert Einstein Timeline Jackie Robinson Timeline Benjamin Franklin Timeline Wright Brothers Timeline.

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Henry Cavendish was one of the great scientists of the 18th century. A short biography of Benjamin Franklin.

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Studios of electricity, inventor of lightning rods and other.

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The biography of Benjamin Franklin founding father and signer of the Declaration of Independence, page 2.A short biography of a successful businessman, renowned scientist, philosopher, and social worker - Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin created bifocals, lightning rods, flexible urinary catheters, odometers, the Franklin stove, and he mapped the Gulf Stream.Quick Biography of Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin Franklin, a printer by trade, a scientist by fame, and a man of action by all accounts, continues to shape American.It is an amusing commentary on the lesser talents of his critics that they have needed so many.

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He was an author, politician, inventor, scientist, civic activist, diplomat and statesman.Benjamin Franklin, writes journalist and biographer Walter Isaacson, was that rare.